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1 1841 Census is definitely him! Letter from father talks of old schoolmaster - Mr Carver and he is named in the census.

The following from Bob Laing...I knew little about the Kemp family apart from Laddie, Kempie and Les all of whom I knew when I was a young chap.
I met Roger Kemp in Auckland whom I had never met before. Roger told me about John Kemp the mariner and his son Benjamin and B's jumping ship in Australia and then going to NZ.
I also met David Kemp a cousin of mother's who lives in Blenheim who has a lot of knowledge of the Kemp family and a number of interesting pieces of history, The Kemp family bible, Laddie's gold scales and miners pick.

Note: All birthdates have been confirmed via BDM for his children. Family bible has some errors of date of marriage and births of Alfred, William and Charlotte. 
Kemp, Benjamin John Darcy (I351)
2 A hamlet in the ancient parish of Longworth, Berkshire. Hutt, Thomas (I64)
3 According to her grand daughter Lynne White nee Hanford... Lilian married her husband Edward Jones at the Nelson Creek Hotel in 1919. Following the death of her first Husband James - killed in France while she was pregnant with their daughter . Named daughter Marcella Francesca (for France where her father was killed) Lilian also suffered with heart disease and diabetes and in later life had to have some toes amputated but couldn't have a general anesthetic because of her heart condition! Diabetes runs in the family. Father WHH died of diabetes and heart disease too.
Hill, Lilian (I254)
4 Andersons Bay Cemetery Hill, Rose Mary (May) (I258)
5 Birth and details of parents not 100% confirmed. King, Rosina (I96)
6 Buried at Santaquin City Cemetery Colville, Annie Charlotte (I564)
7 Buried Seaview Cemetery near his father and in the same plot as brother Newearest. Hill, Robert (I252)
8 Buried Seaview Cemetery near his father and in the same plot as brother Robert. Hill, Newearest (I257)
9 Cause of death: " exhaustion from protracted labour ". No record of child being born, so presume baby died also. Cosgrove or Cosgraves, Mary Ann (I235)
10 Different Census show her as born Ireland or Glasgow - likely Glasgow and perhaps an assumption made by Census writer that she Irish like her parents? O'brien, Rosina (I335)
11 DNA matched Via Nan's match to jarvie113 Jenkin, Joseph (I16)
12 DNA Matched via Nans match to edwinaandrew2700. Jenkin, Ann (I20)
13 DNA shared with Jemima's relative , my DNA match called Magdalene Clare Heather Capstick. Means we are definitely of these Kings Lynn Kemps! KEMP, Jemima (I370)
14 Email from Heather Bastida to Bob Laing below.

Haven't seen these photos before, but the one on the right is Grandad Woolhouse, dad to Thel. May, Daisy and Kate, etc! The butchers, I am not sure of the one seated, but the other could be Uncle Jim, he taught his brothers and brother in law, Arch Howat to be butchers! Massey had the butcher shop at Kaniere which I remember well as I used to go and help him out there! Uncle Arch taught his son Colin to be a butcher too. My mum would not buy sausages in Chch, Uncle Mass would say they were too mean with the meat, and put fat, breadcrumbs Etc in! I remember asking him about his lost finger, and he just said it went into the sausages! I knew it didn't, but wasn't until the family reunion that I found out what really happened to it!

The one of Gran and Grandad dated 1940, I haven't seen, and didn't know they had a dog. They died about 1949, as I was 10. Gran died first, ar age 76, Grandad a month later @ age 86! We used to go over every August holidays to see them it usually rained! But we did keep in touch with Uncle Jim, Aunty Dorie, Uncle Charlie and Aunty ?, went to Ross to see Uncle Jack and Aunty Jenny, by railcar those days! Aunty May and Uncle Arch! Uncle Mass wasn't married those days, later married Aunty who was also a catholic! I didn't know till later that Uncle Rob and Aunty Gwen eloped, as she too was a catholic, and Gran did not approve!

Grandad Woolhouse would have been
James Woolhouse, born 4/4/1861 in Christchurch, died 26/10/1949 in Hokitika.
James married Agnes Patterson Muir in Reefton on 13/2/1890.
Agnes was born in Ross on the 13/3/1871 and died in Hokitika on the 20/6/1949.

James's son the butcher who is standing was James Murel Woolhouse born Reefton 12/12/1895, died Hokitika 8/5/1970.
James married Dorothy Howart.

The other interesting things about these photos are that our relationships to the Muir's from Ross and Howart's are explained. I new we were related but until know did know.
Woolhouse, James (I154)
15 From Darcy Kemp...I have "Kempie's" service record. He did indeed serve in the Uk, during WW2 but as Paul points out, not for long. I'd have to dig it out to read the rest of it. At age 19 yrs and 8 months, Kempie was in A company of the 13th Regiment Territorials. He then signed up for the NZ Expeditionary Force -Canterbury Infantry Regiment. in June 1917 and was passed as fit for service. For some reason, he re-applied in October and was accepted. He embarked on 2nd March 1918 for the Uk on the SS Tofua (see attached) as HMNZT 101 departed New Zealand with 35th Reinforcements NZ Expeditionary Force and the 27th Reinforcements Maori Contingent. 932 troops under command of Capt. R.J. Seddon . He was in the UK for 1 year and 60 days and was evacuated after contracting Influenza. He returned to NZ on 29 April 1919 on the SS Raranga (also below) . Discharged from service 28th May 1919 (due to medical condition) In 1942 he was appointed to a commission of the Home Guard (previously known as the Territorial Force) with the rank of Lieutenant (Temporary) . It was gazetted 1st August 1942. On the 2nd June 1943 he resigned his temporary commission due to "on being Medically Boarded Grade III "Not fit for Home Guard"" Kemp, Leslie Hamilton (Kempie) (I279)
16 Hi all
A bit of an update for "Kitch"
Alexander Kitchener Woolhouse
B 14 April 1914 Donnelly's Creek Ross D 14 May 1981 Hokitika (buried Marsden Cemetry Nelson).
M Bessie Ella Winifred "Betty" Gabities B 10 Dec 1913 D 17 June 1979 Nelson - I believe from cancer ( buried Marsden Cemetery Nelson). Regarding Betty I know that she was from Canada and she was a writer, in particular poetry - she had many poems printed in the NZ Listener and maybe other places - they had no children. I remember them living in Jenner Road overlooking Nelson Intermediate and Tipahi Street where "Bill" William Kemp (Kempie's brother) lived. Kitch worked for Vinning and Scott (I think in the spare parts division) - he had a Green Morrie Minor that was always in immaculate condition - he used to polish the engine as well!!!! His workshop under the house was soooo tidy - all the nuts and bolts and screws were in screw lid jars with the lids nailed below the shelving!!!! He also had a glass eye (don't ask me which one) - don't know how that came about?
My understanding is that Kitch served in Egypt (Middle East) during WWII
Service number WWII 35353
Before the war lived at 114 Calabar Rd., Miramar, Wellington with Bessie (married). Served WW2 1940-1941 2NZEF, was a tram-conductor and bus-driver. WW2 Private 2NZEF, Infantry Reinforcements, Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force, Third Echelon (which means he volunteered)

Sent by email from Paul Cullen 11.8.19
Woolhouse, Alexander Kitchener (I1321)
17 Hi there

I have been on the road, so to speak and I should have checked earlier notes I made about Daisy. Thelma contacted me to tell me that the hot springs were above, inland, from Lake Kanerie. (see photo attached). Who are these people? I think the lady next to the man could be Isy? There is a hot spring somewhere up the Toaroha(Hokitika Catchment). There are two, small hot spring sites, in the Hokitika catchment that I am aware of. The Toaroha and the Kokatahi. Both hot springs are small and one needs to build a small pool in the river bed to be able to soak in them. The hut was built by Kempie and no doubt Les. Refer notes Lorna gave me about Daisy and her eczema.

Daisy’s Eczema

Daisy used to get eczema very badly. She tried all sorts of cures and home remedies but none really worked, except for soaking in thermal hot pools. There were some thermal hot pools about nine miles from the road, up the Kokatahi River. Kempie had the job of making a lovely track into them. When Daisy’s hands got too bad she would go to the hot springs and sit in the water. Much to the amazement of all her hands come right in a matter of days. Daisy used to take Lorna with her for company. Kempie would pack in their gear to what Lorna described as a lovely hut with bunks. The hut was built in what Lorna described as a beaut spot. Lorna and Daisy just loved sitting in the hot water pools.

Bob Laing
Woolhouse, Daisy Isabel (I75)
18 Hutt, Henry William (I69)
19 I believe his first wife Alice Pattinson may have been the daughter of one of the miners killed in the Brunner Mine Disaster - they divorced as Thomas cited adultery see Papers Past news clippings.

Hill, Thomas William Harrison, 1885-1972
Born at Metal Bridge, County Durham. Arrived with his family at Blackball in 1888/89. Became a builder and cabinet-maker, and built some of the shelving at Alexander Turnbull Library building in Bowen Street. His father survived the Brunner Coal disaster in 1896. Died at Palmerston North. Father of David (1919- ), Ruth, Lois, and Marguerite (Molly) (later Mrs L.J. Burdett)(1924- ). (Information from Mr and Mrs L.J. Burdett, AT 13/14/1, 1 February 1995). From National Library website linked to the painting of him playing cricket as a young boy in Dobson. 
Hill, Thomas William Harrison (I151)
20 I have not found the birth record for Mary yet as she was already married by the 1841 census. However there is a birth record from Bodmin for a Mary Menhennick child of John and Ann - is this her?? - Bodmin is also where Johns supposed father William is from. I am 99% sure she is the child of John and Ann Menheniot from 1841 census in Polgear. Her marriage cert states she is from Polgear too and there is no other family that fits. I believe her father John has a brother called James - see Wendron marriage records and census results. See also photo it James's kids that migrated to Australia in 1847?? Menheniot, Mary (I409)
21 It is certainly possible that this lady is in fact related as Nan has 3 Gaved matches in DNA and two of them come back to Gaveds from St Mewan...however those people also have cornish Phillips in tree also so perhaps match comes from there? GAVED, Catherine (I1326)
22 James's son the butcher who is standing was James Murel Woolhouse born Reefton 12/12/1895, died Hokitika 8/5/1970.
James married Dorothy Howart. 
Woolhouse, James Murel (I1329)
23 John had a ship named the Sarah Mills. His 2nd wife was named Sarah and his neighbour a navigator living next door in 1851 was named John Mills. Go to the CLIP (Crew lists) website for more info on the Sarah Mills
Kemp, John (I359)
24 Marion was born in Manchester on the 13/1/1854. She married William Young on the 8/5/1876 in St. Peters church, Wellington. Marion died in Napier on the 24/5/1935.
Marion was James Woolhouse's only sister. 
Woolhouse, Marion (I1367)
25 Must have died after 1866 as mentioned as executor of her fathers will at this time and living in Blackheath Kent. Kemp, Abigail (I9)
26 Nan has a DNA match to a descendant of Anne Beckley see her matches - search Beckley Beckley, Ann (I614)
27 Nan has a DNA match called khawil59 who administers a test for a person called K.R. - this tree shows that K.R. is a descendant of Elisabeth Tuckers sister Barbara. This strengthens the case that we all descend from the Tuckers of Longworth. tucker, elisabeth (I784)
28 Nan Kemp confirmed that Emma's age on gravestone is wrong and that she was only 84 when she died!

DOB or birth details still not found 28.2.19. Note: The birth date showing is actually from Find a Grave but I can't find original source so could be wrong?
Colville, Beatrice Emma (I291)
29 Nans DNA match Paul Burger descends from this lady making the Bessie Button and William Colville story true! This link proves that we descend from William Colville too. Colwell, Olivet (I634)
30 Or are her parents Mark and Mary Gunton?? Gunton, Mary Ann (I360)
31 Or Bradworthy, Cornwall depending on which census you believe. About 9 miles apart. Colwill, William Beckley (I403)
32 or Cumnor, Berkshire Gaskins, Lot (I146)
33 Other family trees show him dying in Oct 1859 but I don't think he did?? His parents arrived from England with 6 kids! He is missing from the 1861 census but Temuka electoral rolls show a Thomas William Hutt living in Temuka on the Arthur James Electoral Roll details - see arthur James. Was there another Thomas born later in this family and named Thomas also? If not, who was the 6th child when they emigrated?
HUTT, Thomas William (I454)
34 Rebecca and John were married in Egloshayle and emmigrated soon after along with Johns brother Hannibal. Johns other brothers Charles and William arrived much later. This William (Rebecca's BIL & brother of John Hawken Rickard) married Rebecca's great neice Ethel Jane Colville.
Interestingly...Ethel and William Rickard had a daughter called Irene. She was the second wife of Stanley Rees. His first wife was Ellen Elizabeth Colville - Irene's Aunt!
Her son Charles married her great neice Mabel Annie Colville.
Her son Frederick married her other great neice Bessie Colville.
Her other son William married Mabel Alice Blair - see Papers Past for neglected children article when Mabel left him.
See also Egloshayle 1861 or 1871 census for the Rickard family living next door to the Hamley family - is this where the William Hamley Perry name comes from?
Perry Rickard, Rebecca (I641)
35 Roger Greenaway and Elizabeth Willcock, my 6th GGs - this pretty much confirms them as ancestors. a DNA match to Nan, Emery111 descends via his son William and I descend through Grace. Willcock, Eleanor Elizabeth (I1324)
36 Roger Greenaway and Elizabeth Willcock, my 6th GGs - this pretty much confirms them as ancestors. a DNA match to Nan, Emery111 descends via his son William and I descend through Grace. Greenaway, Roger (I1323)
37 Roger Greenaway and Elizabeth Willcock, my 6th GGs - this pretty much confirms them as ancestors. a DNA match to Nan, Emery111 descends via his son William and I descend through Grace. Greenaway, Grace (I609)
38 See Parish records for Oxfordshire England Births and Baptisms 1813 to 1905. Clifton, Elizabeth (I826)
39 See Parish records for Oxfordshire England Births and Baptisms 1813 to 1905. Clifton, Thomas (I177)
40 See Parish records for Oxfordshire England Births and Baptisms 1813 to 1905. Clifton, Daniel (I173)
41 See Parish records for Oxfordshire England Births and Baptisms 1813 to 1905. Clifton, William (I172)
42 Several different family trees put her from either Kent or Renfrewshire Scotland King, Rosina (I96)
43 Spoke with his daughter Lorraine Rennie (born 1940 ish) on 21.7.19. Lives 21 Murphy Street, Nelson. She was such a delightful lady, so open and warm. Here are her memories of her father.
Her mother Margaret and father Joseph divorced when Lorraine was about 7 years old and she moved away to live with her mother. She saw her father intermittently after that and lost touch with almost all of her Abbott relatives. She vaguely remembers Granny Abbott and her house on the hill at Te Kinga. Nice warm cuddles and milking cow and churning milk. Slight woman. Can remember living in Te Kinga in a house with the river behind it. She loved her Dad so much. She remembers he was tall dark and handsome and so loving and kind. She used to go and stay with him from time to time and remembers him working at a mill in Moonlight near Ikamatua and living in a small cabin. Dad got hurt at sawmill, something swung around and hit him in stomach. He never got better and it turned cancerous and he died. Her mum took her to see him in hospital. Her Dad is buried with his mum and dad and sister Violet in Karoro Cemetery. She remembers Violet as mean and Violet didn't like her at all. She remembers her Dad's funeral and she was crying and Violet got really mad at her. Her Dad always promised she would get her mothers wedding and engagement rings when he passed away as he had kept them, but Violet put a stop to this.
Abbott, Joseph Henry (I292)
44 Still haven't confirmed exact place of birth. Waipawa or Hamilton?
Abbott, Gladys Eileen (I277)
45 The following from Paul Cullen...

Have been doing a bit of digging into Bessie WOOLHOUSE (nee GABITES) and have come up with the following, although not all confirmed yet but it is looking right.
I remember going to Kitch and Bet's house a few times with mum and dad - usually for afternoon tea or 'supper' - the days when tea was served in a cup and a saucer that had a bit on side to sit your cake/biscuit/scone with jam and cream!!!!
Bessie parents are listed as Albert George GABITES and Isabella Brown GABITES (nee GRUBB)

Lets start with some events ....

Albert born 8 July 1883 Oamaru

Isabella born 1885 (estimated)

Albert 8 March 1901 went to Boer War with Prince of Wales Light Horse regiment
Albert discharged 13 Jan 1902

Bessie born Toronto 10 Dec 1913

Isabella died 1913 (estimated)

"Kitch" WOOLHOUSE born 14 Aug 1914

Albert went to WW1 22 Jan 1915 with Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force senior sargeant (at that time he was a widower) - motor mechanic. Next of kin R Gabites Dunedin.

1917 Mrs Andrew Clark (Toronto) was guardian and receiving payments from army for 'separation allowance'. In 1918 appears to have been changed to R GABITES in Dunedin. (Albert's father was Robert and died 1926 in Christchurch, mother Mary died 1934 Christchurch)

Bessie - July 1916 (?) came to New Zealand - I presume to Albert's mother in Dunedin (payments to Toronto ceased)

Albert embarked June 1919 to Canada from Europe

Albert discharged 4 July 1919 Toronto

Bessie married Alexander WOOLHOUSE 29 July 1937 in Hokitika

Albert died Auckland 14 Jan 1956 (see attached)

Bessie died Nelson 7 June 1979

"Kitch" died Nelson 14 May 1981
Hi all,

Have managed to piece a bit more together ...

Bessie was indeed born in Toronto 10 Dec 1913 (see attached)
Her mother Isabella (nee GRUBB) born Scotland 1886 passed away 23 Dec 1913 Toronto and is buried there.
Bessie parents Albert and George were married in Chester (England) in Jan/Feb/Mar 1913 and traveled to Canada in May 1913 as British settlers
22 Jan 1915 George enlisted with Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force and served in Europe.
At some point while away Bessie traveled to New Zealand (1916?) (don't know when or where to but suspect Dunedin)
19 July 1919 George returns to Canada from the war and on 21 August 1919 marries Alice Emily KATES (born Dublin 1881)
At some point they both immigrate to New Zealand.
First appearance in New Zealand is Manukau Auckland area 1928 (and seem to stay in Auckland until their deaths in 1956
Both buried at Waikumete Cemetery

Gabites, Bessie Ella Winifred (I1389)
46 The following is from Gwenda Reid - granddaughter of Williams second wife Mary...

William John Perry Colville info I have to date:

Know the family lived in Manakau – don’t know the address. Not recorded on school files. Moved to Mangamutu and last school day at Manakau school for children was 28/07/1925.

They lived at Mangamutu for some years and then moved to another farm, which I don’t think was far away but did require another school. I don’t know at this time where that was or any addresses. Have yet to trawl through census and electoral rolls.

o Colville’s children born to 1ST wife Eva (nee Dawson) were:

§ Grace Doreen Mavis b. 1915, > age in 1920 = 5 years

§ James Thomas William b.1916, >age in 1920 = 4 years

§ Lionel Alfred Clarence b. 1918, >age in 1920 = 2 years

· Colville, William John Perry married:

ü Eva Dawson in 1914, (b, 1882) who died 26/11/1918 aged 26 years (mother of Grace, James & Lionel). Eva is on the NZ 1918 Flu Epidemic list, so while there was a baby born that year, Lionel, her death was due to the Flu.

ü Mary Pollock, (Gwenda’s grandmother) married William John Perry Colville, labourer, widower, 29 years old on the 31st March 1920 at Otaki; 6 months & 16 days after this wedding, Mary died on 16/10/1920 aged 35 years

ü Davina Rhoda Elizabeth Cameron, in 1921, who died in 1923 aged 30 years. BDM search cannot find any child stillbirth, births or deaths for this marriage

ü Under Archway NZ, Davina Rhoda Eliza Colville - Palmerston North High Court Probate is recorded for 1923.
Colville, William John Perry (I428)
47 There has been confusion over this ladies maiden name. I believe it is Cosgrove. As it appears this way on both her childrens birth certificates. Cosgraves seems to have been written on her marriage certificate in error?? Cosgrove or Cosgraves, Mary Ann (I235)
48 This cemetery closed in 1892. In the 1960s, 3600 graves were dug up and moved to make way for a new motorway. Joseph and his daughter NOT among those ones. Buried COE area but plot unknown. See burial book in chapel at the cemetery - 1st entry! Abbott, Joseph Alfred (I281)
49 Twin Margery Oldver, Ulaliah or Letetia (I1348)
50 Very hard to establish which Thomas is actually ours! Two Thomas Hutts baptised same day in May 1831 - one at Cumnor and one at Longworth. One has parents William and Hannah. One has parents Joseph and Mary. However page 13 1851 census results show a Thomas Hutt as servant of the Stone family. If you go back to page 9 there is another Hutt family living in Draycott Moor. Thomas and Jane Hutt are parents and it would fit with the age of Thomas being 20 years old. Needs more work to be sure of the correct Thomas.
1841 census helps clarify??? Brothers Thomas and Joseph living together with all their children? Has Mary died? 
Hutt, Thomas (I64)

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